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High Purity Industrial Use Isopropyl Alcohol With Steel Drums

High Purity Industrial Use Isopropyl Alcohol With Steel Drums

We supply the high purity industrial use Isopropyl alcohol with steel drums,our client are live in all over the word,we hope you can find us and we will provide the best service in China.

Product Details

high purity industrial use Isopropyl alcohol with steel drums

1.Product introduction of the industrial isopropyl alcohol

    Industrial isopropyl alcohol is an organic compound, isopropyl alcohol isomers, alias dimethyl methanol, 2-propanol, the industry also for IPA. It is Colorless transparent liquid, like the smell of ethanol and acetone mixture. Soluble in water, but also soluble in alcohol, ether, benzene, chloroform and other organic solvents. Isopropyl alcohol is an important chemical product and raw material. Mainly used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, plastics, spices, paint and so on.

2.Basic data of the high purity isopropyl alcohol

Item Quality Index
Chroma,pt-co Color≤10
Water-soluble testpass
The mass fraction of isopropanol content(Purity)≥99.7
Mass fraction of water≤0.20
Acid content(Acetic acid)%≤0.002
Evaporation residue≤0.002

All above is the basic data of the high purity isopropyl alcohol,if you want to know more about the industrial use isopropyl alcohol ,you can call our hot line or  send a E-mail to us.

3.The main purpose of the industrial isopropyl alcohol

As organic raw materials and solvents ,it has a wide range of uses. As a chemical raw material, acetone, hydrogen peroxide, methyl isobutyl ketone, diisobutyl ketone, isopropylamine, isopropyl ether, isopropyl chloride, and isopropyl esters of isopropyl esters and isopropyl chlorinated fatty acids Wait. In the fine chemical industry, can be used for the production of isopropyl nitrate, isopropyl xanthate, triisopropyl phosphite, aluminum isopropoxide and pharmaceuticals and pesticides, can also be used to produce diisopropylacetone, isopropyl acetate and Thymol and gasoline additives.

As a solvent, industrial isopropyl alcohol is a relatively inexpensive solvent for industrial use. It is widely used and can be freely mixed with water. The lipophilic substance is stronger than ethanol and can be used as a solvent for nitrocellulose, rubber, paint, shellac, alkaloid and the like. Can be used in the production of coatings, inks, extractants, aerosols and so on. Can also be used as antifreeze, cleaning agents, to reconcile gasoline additives, pigment production of dispersants, printing and dyeing industry fixatives, glass and transparent plastic antifogging agent. I t can also be used as a thinner of adhesives, but also for antifreeze, dehydrating agent.

As a chromatographic standard for the determination of barium, calcium, copper, magnesium, nickel, potassium, sodium, strontium, nitrite, cobalt and so on.

Used as oil-based water-based fracturing fluid defoamer, air to form explosive mixtures, case of fire, high heat caused by combustion explosion, and oxidants can react strongly.

In the electronics industry, can be used as cleaning to oil. Oil industry, cottonseed oil extractant, can also be used for animal-derived tissue membrane degreasing.


4.Packaging of the chemical raw material

New steel drum160kg/drum, 80drum/FCL
Iso tank 17MT/ISO Tank

If you want to know more about the package information,please send a inquiry,we will reply you within 24 hours and tell you more about our chemical raw material and any other products we think you need.

5.Latest news

Process of the chemical propylene : the propylene containing more than 50% of the feed gas into the absorption tower, at 50 ℃ and low pressure with 75% -85% concentrated sulfuric acid absorption reaction, the formation of isopropyl hydrogen sulfate. After the water was diluted with water to a sulfuric acid content of 35%, the hydrogen sulfate isopropyl alcohol was hydrolyzed to isopropyl alcohol with a low pressure steam in a desorption column. The crude distillation column distillation to isopropanol and water azeotropic composition, containing about 87% of isopropyl alcohol. And then continue to steam distillation tower to 95%, with benzene extraction, separation of water and then distillation, can be more than 99% of isopropyl alcohol finished products.

Rich Chemical is a professional China supplier of industrial grade high purity industrial use isopropyl alcohol with steel drums, which has been engaged in organic chemicals for 10 years. Offering the free sample, we warmly welcome you to buy high quality CAS No. chemicals with high purity and low price with us.
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