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Dichloromethane Used As Solvent In Cine Film Production With 99.99% Purity

Dichloromethane Used As Solvent In Cine Film Production With 99.99% Purity

We offer dichloromethane at a concentration of 99.99% Because of low toxicity, it is used for the production of film We devoted ourselves to production solvent in film 10 years ,covering most of Europe and the Americas market. We are expecting become your long-term partner in China.

Product Details

Dichloromethane Used As Solvent In Cine Film Production With 99.99% Purity

1.Product Introduction of the Dichloromethane

We are one of the largest distributors of methylene chloride industry sales. And we sale 50000 tons Dichloromethane per year.  We product Dichloromethane not much in China.The total production is about 55 kt / a, yield nearly 40 kt.The demand for methylene chloride is estimated to exceed 100 kt in the domestic market.Dichloromethane used for the production of triacetate fiber film (ie, film, photo, X-ray film) of raw materials, followed by paint remover and pharmaceutical production of extractant.

2.Product Parameter(Specification) of the Concentration of 99.99% of dichloromethane





Water content




Evaporation of the residue


3.Product Feature And Application of the Dichloromethane for Cine Film.

Dichloromethane is colorless transparent oily liquid.Sweet. volatile. Quality. Dichloromethane can be mixed with ethanol, chloroform and ether, dissolved in about 120 parts of water. Relative density (d204) 1.2569. Freezing point -40 ℃. The boiling point of 83 ~ 84 ℃. Refractive index (n20D) 1.4443. Flash point (closed cup) 13 ℃. Flammable Low toxicity.


 Because of low toxicity, Dichloromethane can be used to make safe film.

4.Product Detailof the dichlorophen


The dichloromethane is packed in sealed form, stored away from the fire,heat source. And stationed in dry and ventilated place.

5.Product Qualification the Dichloromethane for Metal degreasing agent


The main production route for methylene chloride is the chlorination of methane or methyl chloride. The production method of the earliest use of methane or methyl chloride high temperature gas phase thermal chlorination method later developed photochemical chloride method.

6.Deliver,Shipping Dnd Serving of the Dichloromethane


Our company is a professional bottled chemical company,。We have a professional dangerous transport vehicles, and concentrate on customers solve problems.We provide a variety of bottled chemical solvents, coordination of various types of goods dangerous vehicle transport.To provide customers with purchase, sale of the sincerity of quality service.


Q:What can I pay with PAYPAL?

A:Yes,you can.

Q:Would you like to produce film film with methylene chloride?

A:Yes, safe.

Q:Is the company safe for transport?

A:Yes, we provide specialized transportation services.

8.Latest News

With the development of the film market is getting better and better, the demand for film production of film is also rising steadily, the film quality requirements are getting higher and higher, therefore, the need for high-quality raw materials, the concentration of 99.99% Demand will rise, the market demand continues to expand.

Rich Chemical is a professional China supplier of industrial grade Dichloromethane Used As Solvent In Cine Film Production With 99.99% Purity, which has been engaged in organic chemicals for 10 years. Offering the free sample, we warmly welcome you to buy high quality CAS No. chemicals with high purity and low price with us.
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