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About 70 countries in the future or to stop the use of lead paint

Who says children through toys, walls, door frames and furniture, exposure to lead paint and surface flaking lead paint also will generate after lead in indoor pollution, while easily inhaled by children of the dust. Who says no known levels of lead exposure considered safe, there is no known safe blood lead concentrations, but lead poisoning can be prevented.

Small new paint made aware, on the interior decoration materials, domestic standard content has a clear lead in standards and regulations, provisions, heavy metal content in solvent-borne Wood coatings, wall coatings, wood furniture, heavy metal content, wallpaper, heavy metal content of soluble lead content of not more than 90MG/kg. Experts explained that these standards provided for in the main indicators of heavy metals except lead, chromium, cadmium, mercury and 3 species. The main components of these heavy metals in paint colour, so "the brighter the color of the paint, the more potential for containing large amounts of heavy metals. ”

Who data show that 30 countries around the world have phased out the use of lead paint, who led by UNEP and the United Nations Global Alliance for elimination of leaded paint set a target of, by 2015 in 70 countries to stop the use of lead in paint.

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