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China microbial fertilizer market capacity of 14 million tons

At present, the domestic brands have been promoting the use of microbial fertilizer on the market, the formation of bio-organic fertilizer, compound microbial fertilizer, microorganism fertilizer, bacteria, bioremediation bacteria, Rhizobium bacteria and photosynthetic bacteria bacteria, mycorrhizal inoculum and other products, which to a certain extent, meet the needs of farmers with fertilizer.

According to incomplete statistics, jiyuan country Dragon biological technology limited, and Beijing century o Sam Republika biological technology Corporation, and Shenzhen City batian ecological Engineering Corporation, and Dongguan insurance have bioengineering limited, and Guangdong welfare Dragon fertilizer limited, and sanyuandelong fertilizer industry limited responsibility company, and Guangdong green XING biological technology limited, and Guangdong run field fertilizer industry limited, and ETS (Tianjin) biological technology development limited, and XI ' an DeLong biological industry group, and Fujian three torch biological technology Corporation, and Hebei giant Microbe engineering, Ltd, Shandong quanlin fertilizer limited liability companies with more than 10 production of bio-fertilizer enterprises occupy the main microbial fertilizer market in China.

Now mainstream organic fertilizer factory in 600-800 (ton, the same below), while those of microbial fertilizer factory at 1500-2000. Due to the relatively simple organic fertilizer and microbial fertilizer raw materials and stable, less volatile raw material prices and, therefore, demand will become the key factors influencing the market.

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