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Discussion on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Dichloromethane by Dichloromethane manufactor

Dichloromethane is not combustible low boiling point solvent, commonly used to replace flammable oil, etc., and can be used as a local refrigerant and fire extinguishing agent. Jin Hao chemical all products have to undergo a rigorous quality checks, reliable quality. Product packaging specifications and diverse, you can provide different specifications packaging, and provide detailed technical information, all products are equipped with high purity, high-quality spot, the arrival of fast, to meet your research to commercial production at different stages of development needs , The company has always uphold the integrity of the above purposes, with excellent quality and affordable prices to maintain and expand the market, the maximum limit to meet customer needs.

Dichloromethane has the advantages of strong dissolving power and low toxicity, and is widely used in the manufacture of safe film, polycarbonate, the rest used as paint solvent, metal degreasing agent, air smoke propellant, polyurethane foaming agent, releasing agent, Paint agent.

Methyl bromide as a colorless liquid, in the pharmaceutical industry as a reaction medium for the preparation of ampicillin, ampicillin and cephalosporin, etc .; also used as film production solvent, oil dewaxing solvent, aerosol propellant, Organic synthesis extractant, polyurethane and other foam production of foaming agent and metal cleaning agent.


Propylene oxide manufacturers on the future development of propylene oxide: propylene prices in the production of raw materials driven by propylene prices finally began to rise sharply, however, in the case of market conditions, propylene oxide production enterprises are still difficult Day, loss is still an important element that they always need to worry about.

Propylene oxide production costs directly affected by the impact of propylene prices, in the international high oil prices after the era of propylene prices also rise, however, sensitive oil price fluctuations also affect the price of propylene, propylene prices began to fall after the price, Propylene oxide lack of demand for strong support prices seem emboldened enough. Although the manufacturers from the point of view, even after the increase in the market price of propylene oxide, still bear the burden of loss, but after the raw material prices began to fall, although the manufacturers still said to maintain the high price of the intention, but whether the downstream buyers Able to understand and accept is not known.

Propylene oxide prices naturally led the price of polyether prices rosy, and propylene oxide market is the same, the downstream demand is still weak so that the high price of the market outlook is not optimistic.

In fact, the production enterprises unilaterally because of the cost of production and lead to product market prices go high, and can not fully explain the product market optimism, more often is the production enterprises of the move.

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