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Multi-functional glacial acetic acid

    Chemical raw materials acetic acid has a very wide range of uses, can be used in oil extraction, textile printing and dyeing and many other fields.

    Glacial acetic acid in the textile printing and dyeing industry is widely used as an acid dye dye fiber dyeing agent, safe and secure, will not damage the natural protein silk products, silk clothing bright and bright, reflective light shine.Acetic acid is a colorless liquid, pungent taste,do not take your hand directly or take it hard.Printing and dyeing with acetic acid is a neccessery step. 


    Due to the nature of the weak acid, for many metals, acetic acid is corrosive, such as iron, magnesium and zinc, to react with hydrogen and metal acetate. Although the aluminum surface in the air will form an alumina protective layer, but in the role of acetic acid, the oxide film will be destroyed, the internal aluminum can be directly and the role of acid.So when the purchase of glacial acetic acid can not be stored in a metal container cans.


    Multi-functional glacial acetic acid can also used in petroleum engineering,petroleum auxiliaries with glacial acetic acid can make the emulsion-like liquid structure damage, in order to achieve the purpose of the liquid phase separation. Crude oil demulsification refers to the use of demulsifier chemical action will be emulsified oil-water mixture of oil and water separated to achieve the purpose of crude oil dehydration to ensure that crude oil outside the water standard.

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