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Paint brand value how to prolong the service chain

1, create the brand culture

China is a country of regional flavor is very strong, and every region has their own local cultural characteristics, from their brand positioning and cultural background, the combination of culture and products, not only greatly enhance the consumer's interest, but also for the products covered with a layer of culture makes the coating products in similar products even more attractive.

Chenyang water based paints brand aims to create water paint brands in China, based on the national paint brand, and has been preoccupied with environmentally friendly water based paints research and development production and promotion and lead the industry to accelerate green transformation.

2, designed to meet consumer demand

Product or space needed to meet consumer demand, and the potential desire to bring consumers the most value and aesthetic value in order to enhance the added value of products. "Product development and design, the most important thing is the result of space appeals to push product, rather than head on the line to do research. Research and development, design fine coating, the designers also must know how to be organically in the whole space, and create a harmonious atmosphere. "Any particular paint said.

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