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Raise the prices again for disperse dyes

The main cause of the disperse dyes to raise prices remains consistently tight upstream raw material. One securities analyst, told reporters, on the one hand, dye themselves, have the ability to raise prices on the other, from the fundamentals of supply, in March and April is the traditional peak demand season, coupled with the industry chain downstream have prices in the early, the whole industry chain is relatively healthy, restore the supply, so prices are to support.

In addition, the increased punishment of environmental protection which is also dyes business to one of the reasons for sharp price increases. Restore as the most important of disperse dyes intermediates, iron powder reduction process enterprises generally taken in the industry, the production process serious pollution, in the second half of 2014 tenge after media exposure, the problem of environmental pollution, caused highly polluting enterprises were shut down.

In recent days, of Longsheng in tongliao, Inner Mongolia long Chemical Co, a wholly-owned subsidiary of required relocation of production, although the company said supply of h-acid stability, needed to ensure normal production of reactive dyes, tongliao Longsheng cut-off will not have a significant impact on the normal production and operation of the company, but still think that the negative effects of the market not be erased.

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