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Unlock the mystery of ethanol, do you know these secrets?

Ethanol Physical properties:

Ethanol is a very good solvent, both to dissolve a lot of inorganic matter, but also to dissolve many organic matter, so often used to dissolve the plant pigment or its medicinal ingredients, but also commonly used as the reaction of ethanol solvent, so that the reaction of organic matter and Inorganic matter can dissolve, increase the contact area, improve the reaction rate. For example, in the saponification of the grease, adding ethanol can dissolve the NaOH and dissolve the oil, so that they can be fully contacted in the homogeneous (solution of the same solvent) to speed up the reaction rate and increase the reaction limit.

Ethanol Chemical properties:

1, ethanol molecules contain polarized hydrogen bonds, ionization generated when the alkoxy anion and protons.

2, the acidity of ethanol is very weak, but the existence of ionization balance is enough to make it with the heavy water isotope exchange between the rapid.

CH3CH2OH + D2O → (reversible) CH3CH2OD + HOD

3, because ethanol can ionize a very small amount of hydrogen ions, so it can only with a small amount of metal (mainly alkali metal) reaction to generate the corresponding alcohol and hydrogen.


4, eliminate the reaction

5, ethanol can be violent oxidation of oxygen in the air to produce combustion phenomena, the formation of water and carbon dioxide.

6, ethanol can be concentrated in sulfuric acid and high temperature catalytic dehydration reaction, with different temperatures of different products are also different

7, ethanol has a reduction, can be oxidized into acetaldehyde. The culprit of alcoholism is usually considered to be a certain toxic acetaldehyde, rather than drinking alcohol.

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