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What are the effects and uses of industrial isopropanol?

Isopropyl alcohol is an important chemical product and raw material. Mainly used in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, plastics, spices, coatings and electronics industry for dehydrating agents and cleaning agents. Determination of barium, calcium, magnesium, nickel, potassium, sodium and strontium and other reagents. Chromatographic analysis of reference substances.Isopropyl alcohol structure is very stable。


What is the use of the isopropyl alcohol?

In the circuit board manufacturing industry, it is used as a cleaning agent, as well as making PCB hole conductive. Many people find that it can not only clean the motherboard, and often can get the best results. In addition, it is also used for other electronic devices, including cleaning discs, floppy disk drives, tapes, and CD heads for CD or DVD player optical drives.

The isopropyl bing alcohol can also be used as a solvent for flexo printing, lithography, gravure printing, and as a cleaning agent for equipment. It is also often included in the ink. It is also an important solvent for laboratory dilution and extraction. In addition, isopropyl bing alcohol is also used as a gasoline additive and fuel pipe deaerator.

In the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, isopropyl bing alcohol is used in the manufacture of scouring lotions, hands and body lotions, preservatives, and pharmaceutical hair dyes. It is also used for paints, thinners, paints, detergents and polishes, as well as surface sterilization, hospital disinfection, food processing plants and so on.

In many industrial and consumer products, isopropyl bing alcohol used as a low-cost solvent, also used as extractant, in many cases can be used instead of ethanol.

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