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What do you know about the knowledge of dichloromethane?



Molecular formula: CH2CL2


Molecular weight: 84.93


Physical and chemical properties: colorless transparent volatile liquid, similar to the smell of ether and sweet. Relative density: D4201.326Kg / L, boiling point: 40.4 ℃, melting point: -96.7 ℃, spontaneous point: 615 ℃. Slightly soluble in water, soluble in ethanol, ether, toxic, anesthetic stimulation. Methylene chloride and water hydrolysis reaction, commercial dichloromethane containing stabilizer to prevent hydrolysis. Dichloromethane and high concentrations of oxygen will produce explosive mixtures, but not flammable, is commonly used in industry toxicity is small, non-flammable, low boiling point of the solvent.


Uses: used for non-flammable solvents: metal lacquer cleaning, release agent, metal degreasing agent, cellulose triacetate solvent; film, aerosol, antibiotics, vitamins in the production of solvents; foaming agent: Foam; for the production of flame retardant products; used to replace F11, F12 use of products; for the synthesis of fine chemical products.


Packaging, storage, transportation: dichloromethane galvanized iron drum, black iron drum or tanker sealed package, the filling capacity of 80% of the container, the user has special requirements can provide nitrogen protection. Storage should be placed in a dry and cool place, the warehouse should be ventilated facilities, to avoid contact with high concentrations of oxygen or oxide, to avoid contact with water to prevent hydrolysis.


Safety and health: dichloromethane explosion limit in the air: 8.1 ~ 17.2%, are combustible chemicals. High concentration, prolonged contact easily lead to dizziness, sleep, nausea, tinnitus or numbness of the limbs, moved to fresh air, the symptoms quickly recovered, will not cause persistent damage. Splashing into the eyes causing pain and irritation, long-term contact with the skin can cause dermatitis.

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