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What is solvent-based cleaning agent?

Solvent-based cleaning agents are organic solvents that are insoluble in water. The use of non-aqueous cleaning agents for precision industrial cleaning is mainly organic solvents such as hydrocarbons (petroleum), chlorinated hydrocarbons, fluorinated hydrocarbons, brominated hydrocarbons, alcohols, organosilicon oils and terpenes.

The main indexes to measure the solvent were KB value (shell pine butanol value), AP (aniline point), SP (dissolution parameters), surface tension, density, viscosity, boiling point, flash point, exposure concentration and other parameters. KB value is high, that is, very strong solvent solution, not necessarily a good cleaning agent.

A solvent-based cleaning agent suitable for industrial cleaning must meet the following conditions:

  1. Chemical stability, easy to react with the cleaning products

  2. Strong penetration;

  3. Low boiling point, can be self-drying;

  4. No flash point, not flammable;

  5. KB value should not be too high, to avoid compatibility with the cleaning agent;

  6. Easy to use, efficient cleaning.


The chlorinated hydrocarbon solvent cleaning agents used are mainly trichlorethylene, dichloromethane and tetrachlorethylene. The solvent is widely used in the field of cleaning, mainly with the following advantages and characteristics:

Very low ODP value (Ozone depletion of potential). Almost no damage to the ozone layer; Under normal conditions of use with non-flammable. Sealed with metal barrels without the risk of fire or explosion, storage should not be placed in the sun exposure, neat Stacked in the cool and then release; solvent-based cleaning agent on the metal processing oil, grease and other oil solubility of the plastic and rubber can also produce swelling or dissolved: its viscosity and surface tension is small, strong penetration, , The complete dissolution of the attached dirt; low boiling point, evaporation heat, suitable for steam cleaning, cleaning can be self-drying; waste can be separated by distillation, recycling; can be used with CFC and TCA the same or similar cleaning technology and equipment, Simple operation, high efficiency, low operating costs; shortcomings are toxic, generally in the ventilation of the local operations.

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