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What should we pay attention when select cleaning agents?

There are many manufacturers of metal cleaning agents, but different brands, the cleaning effect of their products will be very different. People in the selection, often no clue, do not know which one to choose. The last choice of a casual use, but found that the use of poor results, mistakenly believe that this is the quality of metal cleaning agents, how to choose their own metal oil cleaning agent has been the most troublesome problem of corporate procurement, then what is the choice of things, Do we have to know?


the picture is isopropyl alcohol 

1, before selection, we must first understand the composition and type of oil cleaning should be based on the type of oil, select the appropriate metal cleaning agent. For example, the types of oil on the auto parts are mainly coke, rust, oil, grease, rust, sweat and other liquid residues in nature.

2, to avoid cleaning agents on the mechanical parts and equipment caused by corrosion. In the machinery industry due to special requirements, the composition of different parts, such as copper, lead, zinc, etc., these parts are most likely to corrosion. For example, precision instruments, meters, accessories and other materials more sensitive parts of the cleaning agent will have a certain degree of corrosion resistance requirements.

3, the parts of the centralized cleaning, use the appropriate proportion, with the increase in cleaning concentration, and the corresponding increase, and improve the decontamination capacity. The general cleaning concentration, cleaning parts of the components shown by the decontamination capacity is not obvious, when the concentration reaches a certain level, decontamination capacity will increase.

4, know how to master the temperature of metal industrial cleaning agent. Cleaning agent cleaning process has a warming process, during this period, decontamination capacity will gradually become stronger. But more than a certain temperature limit, then the cleaning agent's decontamination capacity will decline, and finally lost the ability to decontamination. Therefore, each of the different cleaning agents have their own the most appropriate temperature range, not the higher the better the temperature, cleaning agent, the stronger the decontamination ability. In particular, some cleaning agents contain non-ionic substances, when heated to a certain temperature, the cleaning agent will appear turbidity, this time the temperature is called "cloud point", water soluble active agent in the fall, there are some elements of the loss is due to the role of elemental decomposition. Therefore, the cloud point temperature of the nonionic cleaning agent should be controlled below.

5, in accordance with the provisions of the use of cleaning agents. A cleaning agent can be used in a variety of metal parts, the length of time used depends on the pollution of parts and cleaning methods. Under normal circumstances, solvent-based metal cleaning agents can be used repeatedly.

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