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2016 Will Paint The New Deal In The Property Market Has A Positive Role

Housing deal came quickly and this year, not in February, good new deal launched, aimed at the central economic work Conference, the "inventory" tasks, while greatly enhances the overall confidence in the housing market.

In recent years, introduced the new deal of time can be seen in this year's different. 2014 standard new second homes as early as September 30, 2015 March 30 at the earliest, "falling down, shorten the duration of business tax", and by the year 2016, on February 2 after the early new deal was announced. First is February 2, unlimited purchased city purchase first suite, down payment minimum can floating 0.5% a percentage points, minimum to 20%, II suite also can low to 30%; soon Hou of February 19, on adjustment real estate trading link deed, and business tax offers policy of notification released, announced since February 22, 2016 up, cut real estate trading link deed, and business tax, and canceled 144 square meters above of "red" limit, first suite over 144 square meters of as long as make 1.5% of deed While second-home tax from the previous 3%, according to the area reduced to 1% and 2%; 2 years while assignment in more than 144 square meters of business tax relief.

Coupled with the buyers in 2016, beginning by 2015 central bank interest rate cuts the sweetness of 5 times, as well as video simultaneously, residence permit new deal housing subsidies, and so on, the household registration system reform, farmers, successive policies frequently introduced, demand was certainly a great deal of excitement.

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