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Antiperscent Raw Materials Glacial Acetic Acid

    Dyeing agent is a compound that can increase the dye uptake rate of the dye, accelerate the dyeing rate, reduce the dye content in the residual liquid and obtain the higher dyeing depth. The effect of promoting the dye by the amount of dye, dyeing temperature and dye bath pH may be.Glacial acetic acid is a chemical raw material, widely used in weaving and dyeing industry and oil additives. Here we introduce glacial acetic acid as a booster application areas.


    Here is the basic data of the acetic acid.Acetic acid (HAC): acetic acid,  adjust the pH value and do dye agent, pH = 4-4.5 which has no color.Depending on the type of dye and fiber and the mechanism of dyeing, there are many types of dye-promoting agents, but nothing is to reduce the zeta potential between the fibers and dyes, promote further approaching of dyes and fibers; the other is to change The electrical properties of the fibers are brought into a positive charge different from that of the dye anion, resulting in electrostatic attraction to promote the binding of the dye and the fiber.Glacial acetic acid is used as an acid dye to dye silk fiber.

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