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Dichloromethane Has A Good Solubility, And The Toxicity Is Small.It Is Commonly Used Industrial Solvents.

Dichloromethane has a good solubility, and the toxicity is small.It is commonly used industrial solvents.

Dichloromethane has a good solubility, and the toxicity is small.It is commonly used industrial solvents.For many resins, paraffin and fat have a good ability to dissolve.The Dichloromethane mainly used as paint remover, oil dewaxing solvent, thermosetting material extractant, wool extract lanolin and extracted from the coconut oil extractant, triacetate fiber film film solvent.

Preparation of high concentration of methylene chloride

Methanol Amination Ammonia Gasification in the gasifier, followed by the reaction of separation of hydrogen chloride separated by the catalyst alumina or activated carbon or pumice as the carrier of chlorinated ketones or zinc chloride can also be used in activated carbon Of phosphoric acid as a catalyst, in a hydrocracker at 350 ° C to produce methyl chloride. The gaseous reaction product is washed with cold water and sodium hydroxide solution in a washing tower or an alkali washing tower, and the unreacted methanol and hydrogen chloride are removed, and the mixture is fed to the dehydrogenation column and washed again with sulfuric acid to remove the dimethyl ether produced during the reaction Water to give methyl chloride. Chloromethane and chlorine in the 410 ~ 420 ° C reaction, the formation of dichloromethane and chloroform, while also generating a small amount of carbon tetrachloride. Quenched, divided into dichloroethane containing liquid phase and containing non-condensed hydrogen chloride, unreacted methyl chloride, chlorine gas phase. Gas phase separation of hydrogen chloride, chlorine and chlorine were recycled. Liquid into the absorption tower with dilute alkali and water to remove carbon tetrachloride, and then sent to the distillation column by azeotropic distillation and distillation, were obtained dichloromethane and chloroform;

The method of transporting and storaging the High concentration of dichloromethane 

Transport Note: Before transport ,Dichloromethane has small toxicity we should check the packaging container is complete, sealed, the transport process to ensure that the container does not leak, do not collapse, do not fall, no damage. It is forbidden to mix with acids, oxidants, food and food additives. Transport vehicles should be equipped with the appropriate variety and quantity of fire equipment and leakage emergency treatment equipment. Transport should be anti-exposure, rain, high temperature. Road transport according to the provisions of the route;


Dichloromethane has the advantages of strong dissolving power and low toxicity, and it is widely used in the manufacture of safe film and polycarbonate. The other is used as paint solvent, metal degreasing agent, air smoke propellant, polyurethane foaming agent, releasing agent, Paint agent.

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