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Dichloromethane Leak Treatment

Dichloromethane leak treatment


Individuals should note:

1. Before the pollution area has not yet been fully cleaned, the restricted person is close to the area.

2. It is determined that the clean-up work is carried out by trained personnel.

3. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment.

4. Ventilate the area.

5. Fight or remove all sources of ignition.

6. Report the government safety and health and environmental protection related units.

Environmental Considerations:

1. An unharmed person is segregated at least 25 to 50 feet immediately when a leak occurs

2. When a large number of leaks should be evacuated to the wind 100 meters away from the wind.

3.When the fire should be evacuated to 800 meters away

Clean up the method: 

1. Do not touch the debris.

2. To avoid the infiltration into the sewer, ditch or enclosed space.

3. To prevent or reduce spillage in a security permit situation.

4. Sediment is surrounded by sand, clay, or other absorbent material that does not react with the leaking substance.

5. A small amount of leakage: the absorption of substances that do not react with the waste. Contaminated contaminants and debris are of the same hazard and must be placed in a properly capped and marked container and flush the spill area with water. A small amount of spill can be diluted with plenty of water.

6. A large number of leaks: build dike or digging. With foam cover, reduce the steam disaster. Pumped to the tanker or special collector, recycling or transported to the disposal of waste disposal .

Environmental considerations:

A. Soil:

1. Dig a pond, pond, lagoon to hold liquid or solid matter.

2. Use polyurethane, sandbags and soil to cover the surface.

3. Sprinkle the dust in the sky to absorb a lot of liquid material, make it into powder. (HSDB)

B. Water:

1. Use natural obstacles or oils to control pollution.

2. And then use the water pipe to absorb the controlled substance.

3. Use mechanical excavators to remove uncontrollable ranges. (HSDB)

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