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Methylene Chloride What Are The Uses?

What are the uses of dichloromethane?

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Today, Friends of Feng Chemical Xiaobian for you to sum up a classic use of methylene chloride for your reference, the following is the details:

Dichloromethane Molecular formula: CH2Cl2, molecular weight 84.93, which by the hydrochloric acid hydrochlorination and re-heating process.

Methylene Chloride Product Usage:

Dichloromethane has the advantages of strong dissolving power and low toxicity, and is widely used in the manufacture of safe film and polycarbonate. The other is used as paint solvent, metal degreasing agent, air smoke propellant, polyurethane foaming agent, releasing agent, Paint agent.

Methylene Chloride Methyl bromide as a colorless liquid, in the pharmaceutical industry as a reaction medium for the preparation of ampicillin, ampicillin and cephalosporin, etc .; also used as film production solvent, oil dewaxing solvent, aerosol propellant, Organic synthesis extractant, polyurethane and other foam production of foaming agent and metal cleaning agent.

Dichloromethane in China is mainly used in the field of film production and pharmaceuticals, of which 50% of total consumption is spent on film production, 20% of total consumption of medicine, total consumption of cleaning agent and chemical industry The amount of 20%, other aspects accounted for 10%.

Methylene Chloride Dichloromethane is colorless, transparent, watery, volatile liquid, has a similar ether odor and sweetness, does not burn, but mixed with high concentrations of oxygen to form an explosive mixture. Dichloromethane is slightly soluble in water, And most of the commonly used organic solvents miscible, and other chlorine solvents, ether, ethanol can also be any proportion of miscible at room temperature methyl bromide insoluble in liquid ammonia, can quickly dissolve in the phenol, aldehydes, ketones, ice Acetic acid, triethyl phosphate, formamide, cyclohexylamine, ethyl acetoacetate. Pure dichloromethane no flash point, with an equal volume of dichloromethane and gasoline, solvent naphtha or toluene solvent mixture is not flammable However, when the dichloromethane and acetone or methanol liquid in the ratio of 10: 1 mixture, the mixture has a special flash point, after evaporation and air will form a flammable mixture. Make money platform dichloromethane is the smallest chloride chloride toxicity , The toxicity is only 0.11% of the toxicity of CTC. If methylene chloride is directly spilled into the eye, it is painful and corrosive. The steam of methylene chloride has an anesthetic effect. When the risk of severe poisoning occurs, Out of contact and moved to fresh air, Some symptoms of poisoning will be alleviated or disappeared, will not cause lasting damage.

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