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Share The Great Thermal Coatings Enterprises How To Keep Up With The Trend

Sharing economy concept as early as in 1978 by the United States a famous Professor, but became popular in recent years. In other countries, share economic model is Uber, and Airbnb, the former providing traffic services, which provide rental services. Up to now, Uber has covered 310 cities in 60 countries and regions in the world, valued at more than $50 billion to become the world's highest valuation of unlisted companies. While Airbnb owns rent houses far exceeds the number of Hotel International giant Hilton.

Uber and the rise of Airbnb, the "sharing economy" attention all over the world, also representative of the emergence of shared economic, such as providing travel services drops faster and Shenzhou car rental, tourist service bird short term rental. With the introduction of time, more and more businesses have gradually realized the importance of shared economic model, which in the paint industry is no exception.

At this stage, paint industry more competitive, enterprises solo to win the market and, therefore, more and more companies are choosing "hugs" heating, strengthening the competitiveness of enterprises, "sharing economy" becomes hot. In this process, a professional known for painting Mickey for children child paint attracted widespread attention. It turned out that as the sharing economy began to pop up in the paint industry, Mickey children's paint already on the road to share economic model, and has achieved some good results, so by many in the industry as reference material.

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