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What Do You Know About These Properties Of Dichloromethane?

Dichloromethane dissolved in water, with the vast majority of commonly used organic solvents miscible, and other chlorine solvents, ether, ethanol can also be any proportion of miscible. At room temperature methylene chloride insoluble in liquid ammonia, that can quickly dissolve in phenol, aldehydes, ketones, acetic acid, triethyl phosphate, formamide, cyclohexylamine, ethyl acetoacetate. Pure dichloromethane without flash point, containing an equal volume of dichloromethane and gasoline, solvent naphtha or toluene solvent mixture is not flammable, but when the dichloromethane and acetone or methanol liquid in a 10: 1 ratio of mixing, The mixture has a flash point, steam and air to form an explosive mixture, the explosion limit of 6.2% to 15.0% (volume).

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Dichloromethane is the least toxic to methane chloride, and its toxicity is only 0.11% of the carbon tetrachloride toxicity. If the dichloromethane directly splashed into the eyes, there is pain and corrosion. The steam of methylene chloride has an anesthetic effect. When a serious risk of poisoning should be immediately out of contact and moved to fresh air, some symptoms of poisoning will be alleviated or disappeared,and it will not cause lasting damage.

Solubility: soluble in about 50 times the water, soluble in phenol, aldehydes, ketones, acetic acid, triethyl phosphate, ethyl acetoacetate, cyclohexylamine. With other chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents such as ethanol, ether and N, N-dimethylformamide.

Pyrolysis produces HCl and trace amounts of phosgene, which is heated with water for a long period of time to produce formaldehyde and HCl. Further chlorination, available CHCl3 and CCl4. Colorless volatile liquid. Hard to burn. Steam and air to form an explosive mixture, the explosion limit of 6.2% to 15.0% (volume). Dichloromethane and sodium hydroxide at high temperature reaction partial hydrolysis of formaldehyde. In the industry, dichloromethane is produced by the reaction of natural gas and chlorine gas. It has been purely distilled and is an excellent organic solvent. It is used to replace flammable petroleum ether and ether. It can be used as dental local anesthetic, refrigerant and fire extinguishing agent and so on. To the skin and mucous membrane irritation slightly stronger than the chloroform, we should pay attention when we  use the  high concentrations of dichloromethane

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