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What Is The Use Of Butyl Acetate In The End?

Today ,richem will tell you more about the multi-purpose little hand butyl acetate.

1.Butyl acetate is an excellent organic solvent, widely used in nitrocellulose varnish, in the artificial leather, fabric and plastic processing as a solvent, but also for the spice industry

2.It can also be used in food spices. As a spice, a lot for the preparation of bananas, pears, pineapples, apricots, peaches and strawberries, berries and other flavor. Can also be used as natural rubber and synthetic resin solvent.

3.Even for fruity flavor, the main to take its good performance of the diffuse, more suitable for the use of incense spices, but the amount should be less, so as not to highlight the effect alone. High quality butyl acetate can be used for such as apricots, bananas, peaches, raw pear, pineapple, raspberry, strawberry and other food flavor.


4.Excellent organic solvent, cellulose acetate butyrate, ethyl cellulose, chlorinated rubber, polystyrene, methacrylic resin and many natural resins such as tannin extract, Manila glue, Dama resin, etc. are good Solubility. Widely used in nitrocellulose varnish, used as solvent in artificial leather, fabric and plastic processing, used as extractant in various petroleum processing and pharmaceutical processes. It is also used in spices and apricots, bananas, pears, pineapples and so on. Ingredients of various flavors.

5. High quality butyl acetate  is an excellent organic solvent for dissolving rosin, polyvinyl acetate, polyacrylate, polyvinyl chloride, chlorinated rubber, , Gutta-percha, polymethylmethacrylate and the like.

6.Used as analytical reagents, chromatographic analysis of reference materials and solvents.

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