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Dimethylformamide Seller Purity99.95% DMF

Dimethylformamide Seller Purity99.95% DMF

Dimethylformamide is an organic compound with the formula (CH3)2NC(O)H. Commonly abbreviated as DMF (although this acronym is sometimes used fordimethylfuran, or dimethyl fumarate), this colourless liquid is miscible with water and the majority of organic liquids. DMF is a common solvent forchemical reactions. Dimethylformamide is odorless whereas technical grade or degraded samples often have a fishy smell due to impurity of dimethylamine. As its name indicates, it is a derivative of formamide, the amide of formic acid. DMF is a polar (hydrophilic) aprotic solvent with a high boiling point. It facilitates reactions that follow polar mechanisms, such as SN2 reactions.

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Rich Chemical is a professional China supplier of industrial grade dimethylformamide seller purity99.95% dmf, which has been engaged in organic chemicals for 10 years. Offering the free sample, we warmly welcome you to buy high quality CAS No. chemicals with high purity and low price with us.

  1. 1.Dimethyl Formamide DMF

N,N-Dimethylformamide 99.9% dimethyl formamide cas no. 68-12-2 / C3H7NO

  1. NN


Molecular formula :  C3H7NO

Molar mass :       73.09 g/mol

Appearance :     Clear liquid

Density :              0.944 g/cm3, liquid

Melting point :     -61 °C (212 K)

Boiling point :     153 °C (426 K)

Refractive index (nD): 1.4305 (20 °C)

Viscosity :0.92 cP at 20 °C


3.Packaging & Shipping

Packaging Details:1)190KG/drum,80 drum/20'FCL(15.2MT) 2) 22 MT/ISO tank 
Delivery Detail:within 15 days after rceived payment


4.Application for Dimethyl Formamide


1)Used as a solvent for resins and plastics industry,

2)Widely used in pharmaceutical, plastics and film industries,

3)excellent solvent, parting agent., detergent , vesicant,

4)foaming agent, pharmaceutical industry.



Store in a segregated and approved area. Keep container in a cool, well-ventilated area. Keep container tightly closed and sealed until ready for use. Avoid all possible sources of ignition (spark or flame).


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